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tiny home

What’s the Deal with Tiny Houses?

Tiny houses are taking over the nation as people grow a heightened consciousness of carbon footprint and the environment’s damages. Other than that, it’s inspired people to reflect and prioritize what’s in their lives. The tiny house movement kindled a lifestyle that was soon coveted by many: intentional, clutter-free, and serene. Just because it’s tiny

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outdoor furniture

Proper Cleaning and Caring for Your Outdoor Furniture

Investing in our outdoor living space is nice, and the designing and decorating part may be fun, but maintaining it is another story altogether. Because our outdoor furniture pieces are the most exposed to natural elements, they are also the most vulnerable to wear and tear. And if we want them to last for a

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turning on airconditioning

Beware: the Heat Is On

The summer heat is unforgiving this year. It is time to put up all-weather retractable window awnings, coat glass windows with heat-reflecting film, and paint your roofs with white heat repellants. If you have no air conditioning, now is the time to install it. The Hottest June on Record in North America Heat-related fatalities numbered

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Business colleagues working at a busy open plan office

The Dangers of Mosquitoes in the Workplace

People doing remodeling and construction have a long list of to-dos that minding mosquitoes is probably one of the last things in their minds—but they should, especially if they’re working in states like Massachusetts. According to the state data, the world is home to over 3,000 species, of which around 150 are in North America.

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worker welding a pipe

Building Blocks: Succeeding in the Construction Industry

Before you apply for or set up a construction business, there are things you need to learn about the industry. Setting up a construction startup business may be your ultimate goal, but you need to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the construction world before you dive right in. If you are applying

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physical data center

Why Your Business Still Needs a Physical Data Center

Most businesses now rely on cloud-computing systems and software to manage their data. They don’t have physical drives anymore where they store the information they collect from their customers and clients. However, data breaches happen all the time that will make one question the reliability and practicality of depending on cloud computing alone. Companies, especially

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