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Why You Shouldn’t Work With a Relative

Even if the verbal agreement is legally binding, you can’t expect that the provisions will be carried out in good faith. Just imagine, if nations can find their way out of a treaty, what makes you think that people can’t? Unlike the time when a knight’s words were delivered with dignity, you can’t expect words

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Paying off Debt While In-Between Jobs

Taking on debt is sometimes necessary in life, as you might have to make certain purchases you won’t be able to afford otherwise. However, there are times when losing your job is also seen as a must. Either way, it still doesn’t help the fact you still have a debt to pay off. Failing to

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Setting Up Your Brick and Mortar Business Right

Opening a store may seem outdated, but it can be worth the hard work. Physical stores make the shopping experience real for your customers and this can lead to sales. In addition, there’s nothing like a physical address to showcase your products and services. But opening a store is not as easy as thinking about

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Sculptor creating a piece

Basic Considerations for Building an Artists’ Retreat Venue

Many people can’t seem to grasp the concept that art and business can go well together. Those who are focused on art think that bringing in commerce will make the work lose its soul. Those who are focused on business think that production is inefficient and the artists are too fussy. However, even artists would

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New Zealand’s Waterways Are Turning Green

New Zealand’s rivers, streams, and lakes are becoming saturated with nitrogen, killing off fish and other aquatic wildlife. While the blame is shared by urban runoff and industrial waste, farming is eyed as one of the primary reasons for the nitrogen buildup. Dying Waterways Excess nitrogen and phosphorus in waterways promote plant and algae growth,

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Improving Car Performance the Smart Way

Many people are happy with how their car performs but sometimes “adequate” is not enough. Sometimes you want the ability to push the pedal to the metal. This is where upgrades come in. Some changes can be expensive but there are several improvements that are simple enough to do on your own. Here are some

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