Rental Property Improvement to Raise Rent and Keep Tenants Happy

Rental Property Improvement to Raise Rent and Keep Tenants Happy

ByDesignBusinessEngineeringMay 30, 20235 min read

Upgrading the bathroom and kitchen is a great way to add value to rental property. Investing in commercial painting services…

home exterior with landscaping

5 Tips to Improve Your Home’s Exterior

ByDesignBusinessEngineeringMay 27, 20235 min read

Enhance landscaping by trimming overgrown bushes and trees, removing weeds, and adding colorful flowers, plants, or shrubs. Update the front…

a professional cleaner cleaning the office

A Clean Office: Areas to Prioritize

ByDesignBusinessEngineeringMay 21, 20236 min read

Employee productivity, morale, and job satisfaction improve when the workspace is clean and well-organized. Employers must prioritize pantries and breakrooms…

home stairs

5 Simple Tips to Revamp Your Home Interior

ByDesignBusinessEngineeringMay 17, 20235 min read

Repaint your walls to give your space a cohesive look. Rearrange furniture to create an open and spacious feel, considering…

home exterior of home with landscaping

5 Renovations to Make Your Home More Luxurious

ByDesignBusinessEngineeringMay 17, 20235 min read

Install roof lanterns to add natural light and a luxurious feel to your home. Upgrade your flooring with hardwood, tile,…

beautiful home

Maintaining Natural Elements Surrounding Your Home

ByDesignBusinessEngineeringMay 14, 20235 min read

You need to test your soil to provide the right conditions for healthy plant life. You should water plants deeply…


home under construction

Ensuring Quality Home Construction for Your Family: Tips and Tricks

ByDesignBusinessEngineeringApr 24, 20235 min read

Careful land selection is crucial for a smooth home construction process and for avoiding costly mistakes. Hiring a reputable builder…

Construction site with workers wearing safety gear.

Tips for Ensuring Safety at a Construction Site

ByDesignBusinessEngineeringApr 22, 20235 min read

Establish and enforce strict safety rules in the workplace to protect workers and visitors. Provide safety gear (e.g., hard hats,…

A Man and a Woman with Ppe's Talking at a Construction Site

Keeping Your Construction Project Safe and Secure

ByDesignBusinessEngineeringMar 13, 20235 min read

• Develop a comprehensive safety plan that covers potential hazards and outlines responsible parties for enforcing the guidelines. • Provide…

construction hat

Different Types of Gear Systems for Construction Projects

ByDesignBusinessEngineeringMar 3, 20236 min read

Gears are essential to construction projects, enabling machines to carry out various operations. Lifting gears are rigging and hydraulic tools…

quality control facility

Essential Facilities for Manufacturing High-performance Hard Disk Drives

ByDesignBusinessEngineeringJan 11, 20235 min read

Manufacturing hard disk drives (HDDs) requires more than just the right equipment and tools. It also requires the proper facilities…

a hard hat

Five Options in Keeping Your Construction Site Safe and Secure

ByDesignBusinessEngineeringNov 15, 20225 min read

The construction industry is one of the largest existing industries in the United States. The sector is estimated to be…


modern kitchen

Simple Home Renovations to Make Your House Feel More Welcoming

Your home should be your haven, where you can relax and feel comfortable.…

Jul 25, 20224 min read
modern style kitchen

7 Interior Design Trends That Will Dominate 2022

Let’s wrap up our second year of pandemic survival in 2021. We began…

Jan 8, 20224 min read

The Interior Design Trends That Will Dominate 2022

A new year heralds a new beginning. In 2020 and 2021, the world…

Dec 27, 20214 min read
a small apartment's living room with a cozy green chair and small table

3 Space-saving Hacks for People Living in Small Apartment Units

They say space is an illusion, but it is not the case if…

Nov 20, 20214 min read
a crack in the wall

Common Wall Problems and How to Fix Them

Walls are some of the most important features of any house. They have…

Nov 17, 20214 min read
office furniture layout

Office Makeover: Ideas to Liven Up Your Workspace

If your office is inspiring boredom more than creativity, then it is time…

Jan 31, 20203 min read

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