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lease agreement form

Terms of Re-negotiation for a Commercial Lease

Often, when a commercial lease is up for renewal, the tenant is likely to benefit from protection of their lease under the 1954 Landlords & Tenants Act. Many modern contracts have specific exclusions from the act built into them, but this is something that is negotiated at the outset of the lease by a commercial

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Man checking pressure of air compressor

Tips for the Repair and Maintenance of Air Compressors

Large industrial air compressors are necessary for different plants and manufacturing industries. These can be difficult to maintain, however, and may require specific replacement for damaged parts. Depending on the brand or model of the unit, owners might have a hard time looking for a comprehensive range of pumps, equipment, and other pipe requirements for the

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Table and chairs in a conference room

3 Tips on Buying the Perfect Office Desk

Office furniture is essential so employees in companies can function and process everyday work. There are different types of furniture for different office needs. Depending on the type of industry or work being done, office furniture should be adaptable and functional. It will all be a waste of resources to invest in office furniture that

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Sketching bathroom design

How Much Should Australians Spend on a Bathroom Renovation in 2019?

If you plan to renovate your bathroom this year, you should expect to spend $17,000 on average based on the Housing Industry Association’s estimate. Homeowners in Australia could spend as low as $10,000 or even up to $30,000 for a bathroom renovation, but the actual figure depends on different factors such as your location and

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two people working

A Low Carbon Footprint Is Good for Your Mining Company

The mining industry is here to stay. It is one of the most crucial sectors in economies around the globe. Mining produces many of the products of modern civilisation. From steel in skyscrapers to precious stones in many pieces of jewellery to rare metals in smartphones, many of these materials are from the ground. However,

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Man checking pump status

Self-priming Pumps vs Standard Pumps: What Is the Difference?

Pumps can vary in many different ways. Some of them can be ideal for gas compression while the others are fluid transfer. They can also be different in their mechanism. Take, for example, centrifugal and positive-displacement pumps. Both of these pumps can work with fluids, but how they move them from one level to another

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